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Monday, October 16, 2017

Empowering Women - Viktoria Modesta

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Every month I am highlighting an empowering woman. This month it is:

Viktoria Modesta

I found out about Viktoria Modesta a few years ago through Facebook when her debut song “Prototype” come out. She is a Latvian-born English singer with a prosthetic leg. She suffered health struggles from birth, leaving her with a dysfunctional leg after 15 surgeries. Inspired by creative imagery of Alexander McQueen and Matthew Barney, she had her lower limb amputated and replaced with a prosthetic to finally have control over her body. This was the end of her limitations and soon she entered the music scene.

She uses her creativity to mix “fashion, sensuality, and physical augmentation in a progressive way.” What she does with her prosthetic is much like what Lady Gaga did with her outfits.

Vikoria is bringing a new awareness to people with physical augmentations, and she's fighting the stigma that augmentation is ugly. She's never identified herself as disabled or let herself be constrained by her physical body.

She was also part of Coldplay’s performance at the Paralympics in 2012 where she portrayed the Amazing Snow Queen.

She is a model, singer, and fashion icon.

In 2014, she launched a collaboration with Chanel 4 for the campaign Born Risky, presenting herself as the world’s first bionic popstar. It was this video that amazed me. What she does with her prosthetic is stunning.

Her video starts with this message: “Forget what you know about disability…”

Check it out:

Warning: Some parts are strange and suggestive. 

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