Friday, August 31, 2012

The Middle Of Your Book

Your readers are still reeling from your Chapter Ten. The action you wrote had them biting their nails into little nubs on their fingers and blurting out, “Oh my God” at every other sentence, making everyone stare at them with funny looks. 

Yes, you are to blame for that, and that is the best compliment a writer could get!

Let us not forget that romantic scene you wrote, which caused your readers heart rates to escalate dramatically (dangerously). Their eyes were practically steaming as they read the encounter between your two characters. They may be having sweet dreams tonight, and all because of you!

Yes, you are to blame again. Good for you!

Next, you have to write chapters eleven and twelve, which are all about the fallout. This is where the events that immediately follow the drama of Chapter Ten unfold and the consequences being.

Consult your detailed plan and determine what should happen after the event that you just wrote, and make it as realistic as possible. Think about real-life situations when you’re trying to figure out what should happen next.

A stack of books opened to chapter ten.
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If your characters were intimate in the previous chapter, ponder what normally happens after two people are intimate. Will one of your characters wake up alone because the other snuck out quietly, determined to pretend that last night never happened or to escape their feelings? Will they part swearing that it’ll never happen again? Or will they wake up together happier than they have ever been before?

TIP: Read a few romance novels by different authors to see the routes that they take after their characters are intimate.

If a crime was just committed in your story, consider what should follow. Will your main character be at the crime scene, taking in all the details, and getting into the criminal’s mind? If a suspect was brought in by a dangerous car chase or hand-to-hand combat, will your main character lead in an interrogation to pry a confession out of them?

TIP: Watch several Crime Scene Investigation shows to understand the procedures that are taken during a criminal investigation.

As in real life, every event has an outcome and every day has a tomorrow. Events and days in books are no exception.

QUESTION: Do you like fallouts of events to be slower paced or just as exciting as the event itself?

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