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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Writing About: A Magickal Battle

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In my short story, Witch of Death, there is a magickal battle at the end that was so much fun to write. I love the paranormal and love action, so when I got to blend both for the climax, I was very excited.

Here are 10 things to consider if you ever write about a magickal battle:

1.    Make it clear who is in the battle. Is it between two of your characters or two separate groups? Is one side good and the other bad?

2.    Why does the magickal battle happen? Battles, done with magick or with guns, don’t just happen for no reason at all. The reason for the magickal battle in your story should be obvious. In Witch of Death, my heroine fights the witch who has been murdering people throughout the story.

3.    How does the battle start? Do your characters agreement to meet each other to fight it out, or does one side surprise attack the other? Who makes the first move?

4.    Know your characters’ strengths. Consider what kind of powers you want to give your protagonist and antagonist. These are the powers they will be using on each other during the battle.

An artist made for my flash fiction piece, The Summer Bride.

5.    Know your characters’ weaknesses. If your protagonist is afraid of fire, the antagonist could use fire to his/her advantage. If your protagonist is in love, his/her lover could be used as a pawn to emotionally compromise the protagonist. A weakness can be anything!

6.    Describe your characters’ appearance. In Witch of Death, my heroine’s eyes turn completely white and luminous when she uses her powers. Your characters’ appearances can change drastically when they call upon their powers. You can even use the changes to hint at who is good and who is evil.

For example: You can morph the face of the antagonist to make him/her look sinister.

7.    Describe your characters as they use their powers. Can they wield a power or element (like fire or water) with their hand? Give your readers details, so they can picture the whirl of flames in your character’s cupped hand or a stream of water flowing from his/her palm.

8.    What happens to the surroundings? If your characters are outside, perhaps trees bend away from them with the force of their powers. If your characters are inside, objects can explode or even levitate. When magick is involved, anything can happen.

9.    How does it end? Your protagonist can deliver a magickal blow that kills the antagonist or even strip the antagonist of his/her powers. Or the antagonist can win, it’s up to you!

10. See How to Write Action for additional tips on how to write action scenes. These tips will help you with writing methods.

Also see Writing About: A Fight for even more tips that you can use for your magickal battle.

QUESTION: If you could have any magickal power what would it be?

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