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Reader Interview with April Holgate / Eargasms AudioBook Reviews

If you like audio books than I have a treat for you today! I interviewed April Holgate from Eargasms Audiobook Reviews and she’s talking about the benefit of audio books, the good and bad on narrators, and sharing her interests with us.

Welcome, April!

1. Tell us about Eargasms Audiobook Reviews.
Eargasms Audiobook Reviews is my own little haven for promoting one of my favorite reading formats. I am a voracious reader and love sharing my thoughts on books and the narration. You can find all sorts of great book reviews, narrator spotlights and audiobook promotions on the blog. I have been off for a bit, busy moving and doing some local theater, but I am gearing up for a ton of great reviews to post as well as new spotlights.

2. I've never listened to audio books before. Why do you prefer them?
I love that I can listen while I do other things. It is fabulous being able to read while I drive my long commute, when I am editing photos or working on emails at work. It keeps my brain active, saving me from mind numbing boredom! It goes back to the days when I was a kid and loved being read to as well as reading to my siblings.
I am also an artist, so when I am working on photo editing or creating props/sets for theatre, I like to listen to a book and zone out. Usually I only use half my mind for any of those tasks anyway. I do have to pause if I find I need my whole brain, but that is rare!
3. Sounds nice! What book can you listen to over and over again?
I am not that person, the one who will read a book over and over again. I have a killer To Be Read list that would never get done if I did that. Also, I feel guilty spending time with stories I already know when there are so many new ones out there to be discovered.
4. A) Does the narrator’s voice impact the story and your enjoyment of it?
With audiobooks you have to take into account both the author and the narrator. It is a partnership of sorts. If either one drops the ball, the story is sunk. A great narrator can also take a so-so story and make me want to keep listening. If they are into the read they can make that energy translate to the listener. I have several favorite narrators who I seek out, kind of like favorite authors. I am more likely to try something they read, than something by a newbie.
B) Has a bad narrator ever made you stop listening to an audio book?
Sadly, yes. I have had a few bad narrator experiences that had me switching to the eBook, stat! One was such a slow robotic pace, I had to check that I had not accidentally activated the read out loud on my Kindle. There was another time where the narrator had a great read, but he was Latin with a thick accent and the characters he was reading were Russian. It really threw me off.

5. A Latin accent for a Russian character? Yikes! What are your top 5 favorite audio books?
This is like asking someone their favorite children! How about I give you my favorite genres, that is so much easier.
-        Romance, pretty much every sub-genre, I read anything from the sappy sweet to YA to naughty erotic to romantic suspense. I am a sucker for a good love story; smexy steam is always a bonus. 
-        Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, especially if it involves shifters! I love me some yummy shifter crack! My favorite thing about the genre is the way it can rebuild the world you thing you know. It is fantasy but modern as well. 
-        Dystopian, there are just so many imaginative worlds out there. They show the best and worst of mankind. Usually these books break the rules too., They will break your heart over and over again!   
-        Mystery, love them all, especially a cheesy Cozy Mystery. I love playing detective and trying to solve the crime before all the clues are revealed. There have been a few that gave my inner Sherlock Holmes a real work out!

6. I guess I should stop asking readers that question. LOL! What would you like to know about the authors you enjoy reading the most?
I am all about the reading, so I am always eager to now what is coming next. Especially with series reads! Give me teasers of tell me what books are in the works for supporting characters. I am also always doing the happy dance when I hear an author is going to sprout out into audio, it is thrilling to see an author I have been reading go to audio, cause then I get to bump them up my TBR list!

Hyper Round:
1. Movie Adaptations: Yay or Nay? NAY
2. Favorite reading snack? Wine, preferably fruity and sweet
3. Ear buds or headphones? earphones, soft in-ear tips
4. Favorite audio book seller? Tantor Media

I am just the average everyday gal who loves reading. I started when I was 3 years old and have had a healthy diet of stories ever since!! My Gram started me reading the romances in my tweens with her old Harlequin Presents, I returned the favor later hooking her on Erotic Romances and a Kindle! I have taken her to several conventions to meet her fav authors, she is a trip!
I have my audiobook review blog and recently started a new adventure in lifestyle blogging with It is slow going, but I will soon have it filled with my crazy life!! In addition to being a reader, I am also a photographer, do local theatre, inherited a fixer-upper house and am an Amazon Top reviewer. All these things are what end up on my blog, my Instagram and Facebook. I welcome new friends, especially other readers!! I am always ready to dish on a shared book experience. Currently I am dedicated to living life to the fullest, which usually means doing a ton of theatre and drinking wine with friends.


Thank you for discussing audio books with me, April! I hope to see you back soon.

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